Damage Control Orthopaedics

Hand Trauma Examination

BSUH Hand Examination & Fractures

BSUH GALS, Ankle Examination & Fractures

BSUH Shoulder, Neck & Fractures

BSUH Hip & Fractures

BSUH Spine & SIJ Examination

BSUH Knee Examination & Trauma

RSCH Orthopaedic Introduction & Principles

Brighton Final year Medical Student Teaching in Orthopaedics

Upper Limb Anatomy & Surgical Approaches For the MRCS

Final Year Medical Student Teaching in Orthopaedics

Surgical Examinations For Finals

Applying to Core Surgical Traininig


Hand Trauma

Abdominal Emergencies

Oddities of Hand Infections

Chest Drain Teaching

Intravenous Fluids


Aetiology and Predisposing factors with tibial stress injury – 3rd Biennial Exercise Induced Leg Pain Symposium 2012 Royal College of Surgeons

Orthopaedic case tutorials

Pigmented Villonodular synovitis of the knee

Carpal Tunnel

BOA 2012

Front Line Trauma Care at the BMX Track Olympic Games 2012

The Limping Child

The Limping Child

The Limping Child Handout

Hip Fractures

Paediatric Fractures

Medical Student Teaching Paediatric Injuries






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