Elective Operations


Triathlon CR TKR – Mr David Johnstone

Vanguard TKR – Mr Julian Flynn

Unicondylar Knee Replacement – Mr Julian Flynn

Scorpio CR TKR – Mr Oliver Pearce

ACL Reconstruction – Mr Julian Flynn

Avon Patellofemoral Knee Replacement – Mr Julian Flynn

High tibial osteotomy – Mr Julian Flynn

Tibial Tubercle osteomty for PFJ Maltracking Mr Arvind

PFC Posteriorly Stabilised TKR Mr Chinna Arvind

Acute knee dislocations – Mr Richard Keys


Uncemeted THR (Accolade TMZF) – Mr Oliver Pearce

Cemented THR (Exeter Ogee) – Mr David Johnstone


1st MTPJ Silastic implant – Mr Ian Nugent

Mitchell’s Osteotomy – Mr Ian Nugent

Excision of Neuroma – Mr Ian Nugent

1st Ray Fusion Lapidus and MTPJ – Mr Ian Nugent

Weil’s Osteotomy – Mr Ian Nugent

Tibialis posterior tendon repair or transfer – Mr Ian Nugent

Scarf Osteotomy Mr Chinna Arvind

Peroneal tendon Expoloration – Mr Chinna Arvind

Lesser Toe Arthrodesis Mr Chinna Arvind

Ankle arthroscopy Mr Chinna Arvind



Ulnar Nerve decompression at the Elbow – Mr Alastair Graham

Tennis Elbow Release – Mr Alastair Graham


Carpal Tunnel Decompression – Mr Alastair Graham

Mucous Cyst Excision DIPJ – Mr Alastair Graham

Percutaneous scaphoid fixation – Mr Alastair Graham

Scaphoid Non-Union Surgery – Mr Alastair Graham

Trigger finger and trigger thumb – Mr Alastair Graham

Scapholunate ligament injury – Mr Alastair Graham

Trapeziectomy – Mr Alastair Graham

Dupuytren’s – Mr Alastair Graham

Distal Radius fixation – Mr Alastair Graham


Upper Limb External Fixator – Mr Richard Keys

Percutaneous Achilles Tendon Repair – Mr Mark Deakin

Acute knee dislocations – Mr Richard Keys


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